NFTRC hosts another troupe of BDF students

  • NFTRC hosts another troupe of BDF students

    NFTRC hosts another troupe of BDF students

    NFTRC hosts another troupe of BDF students

    Thirty one (31) Basic Ammunition and Stores Management course attendants and seven (7) members of directing staff from Botswana Defence Force (BDF), Combat Service Support College in Lobatse recently visited National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC).

    The purpose of the visit was to learn about NFTRC operations and how it plays a part on the economic growth of Botswana.

    Food Technology Head of Department Dr Minah Mosele welcomed the soldiers and shared NFTRC mandate through a presentation. On her presentation, Dr Mosele said that Botswana is still faced with a high import bill; which calls for more Batswana to venture into agriculture and start food processing businesses.

    Following the presentation, Corporal Tau commended NFTRC saying that it is a very important organisation in Botswana due to the services it offers. He further asked how far NFTRC is with its donkey meat products.

    Dr Mosele answered that NFTRC has long discovered that donkey meat is one of the healthiest meats because it is lean meat.  She further noted that they have developed several donkey products such as canned stew and seswaa, which add to over 100 NFTRC developed food products that await entrepreneurs to uptake and commercialise.

    When asked about the challenges faced by NFTRC, Dr Mosele said that poor uptake of NFTRC technologies by Batswana is still a challenge. In her conclusion, Dr Mosele tasked the BDF to come up with good strategies that may inform NFTRC`s food technologies and also encourage effective youth involvement in agriculture as a whole. She said that will have a significant impact on the employment creation and food security of Botswana.


    The BDF students touring NFTRC laboratories

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