Completed Projects

Departmental Projects

Food Technology

• Morama Project – through the University of Botswana (UB) and the EU Research Framework – product development and commercialisation
• Morama Engaged – Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA) – through collaboration with UB
• Sorghum and Millet Project – through the EU Research Framework
• Sweet Potato Project – product development – funded by the Southern African Root-crop Research Network (SARRNET)
• Soyfoods Development Project – funded by the World Initiative for Soy in Human Health (WISHH)
• Preservation and Processing of the Kgalagadi Truffle – Kalaharituber pfeilii – funded by the International Foundation for Science – product development and commercialisation
• Molecular, Environmental and Nutritional Evaluation of Bambara Groundnut (Vigna subterranea L.Verdc.) for Food Production in Semi-Arid Africa and India – laboratory and pilot plant tests to assess processing, nutritional, and sensory parameters of selected bambara groundnut genotypes – through collaboration with the Botswana College of Agriculture (BCA), under the EU Research Framework – product development.


Food Microbiology and Biotechnology

• Mycotoxin Project Phase 1 - evaluation of the extent of contamination in field crops with fungi and assessment of mycotoxin production in the Southern part of Botswana
• Biosafety and Biotechnology: Public perceptions of biotechnology in Botswana
• Strengthening of national food safety control systems in Botswana


Extension and Training

• Needs Assessments (2004, and 2010)
• Impact Assessment 2014/2015
• Sensory on bread for Makhabaneng

Research and Development


Food Biochemistry

Nutrition and Dietetics

• Evaluation of the nutritional quality of Botswana traditional dishes
• The technical feasibility of sorghum fortification
• The efficacy of Vitamin A fortified sorghum in improving the immune status of HIV+ adults in Botswana
• Production, translation and distribution of educational materials on HIV/AIDS and nutrition
• Validation and reproducibility of a food frequency questionnaires for use among adults in Botswana
• Food consumption survey and weight status of Batswana
• Exclusivity of breastfeeding and its impact on the nutritional status of lactating women in Kanye