Current Projects

Departmental Projects

Food Technology

• Development and operationalization of test beds for meat processing; cereal and legume process; dairy processing; beverage processing; fruit and vegetable processing. The test beds will not only assist in the up-scaling and commercialisation of developed food product prototypes and technology transfer but marketing testing for products/projects undertaken by both NFTRC-trained and non NFTRC-trained food entrepreneurs.
• Promotion of value addition to indigenous foods. NFTRC realises that R&D and commercialisation of Botswana’s indigenous foods has a major role to play in the country’s Economic Diversification Drive as well as the Economic Stimulus and Poverty Eradication programmes.


Food Microbiology and Biotechnology

• Method development and optimisation for microbiology and biotechnology analytical services
• Mycotoxin- evaluation of the extent of contamination in field crops with fungi and assessment of Mycotoxin production phase 2
• Fish and fish products safety
• Poultry safety and hygiene
• Biosafety and Biotechnology: Public perceptions of biotechnology in Botswana
• Meat food products authenticity assessment


Extension and Training

• Impact Assessment
• Skills Transfer
• Sensory projects

Research and Development


Food Biochemistry

• Mycotoxins survey in cereals and legumes
• Pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables sold in Botswana

Nutrition and Dietetics

• Development of food composition tables for Botswana indigenous foods
• Using stable isotope techniques to monitor and assess the vitamin A status of Children susceptible to infection
• Botswana Health & Nutrition Examination Survey
• Body composition analysis using the BOD POD