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About National Food Technology Research Centre

National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) is a registered and incorporated company limited by guarantee.

NFTRC evolved from the Food Technology Research Services, which was a project under the then Botswana Technology Centre. It is a research and development organization funded by the Government of Botswana and reports to the Ministry of Agriculture.

From the very beginning, NFTRC has devoted its efforts to ensuring the availability of safe, quality and nutritious food to Batswana through a number of activities in the area of food quality, development and dissemination of food processing technologies as well as food and nutrition programmes.

As mandated by the Government of Botswana, NFTRC is geared towards generation of food technologies that enhance economic diversification, food security and quality through sustained end user focused research and development.


To promote food security through commercially viable food processing technologies.

To Be an Internationally Recognized Centre of Excellence in Food Science and Technology.

To Generate Food Technologies and Services that Enhance Economic Diversification and Food Security through End-User Focused Research and Development.

• Intrapreneurial
• Accountable
• Teamwork
• Customer focused
• Employees are our best asset


The Principal objects for which the company was established are:

• To promote the development of the food industry on an integrated and collaborative basis;
• To carry out research, development, and commercialization of food technology and nutritional products;
• To provide technical assistance to the food and agro industry;
• To promote and enhance mechanisms for effective food technology information collection and dissemination;
• To promote job creation;
• To contribute to import substitution and export promotion;
• To exploit opportunities in the food sector, improve the quality of food, ensure food standards and promote the utilisation of local food materials.


NFTRC was first established as a small project in 1984, then called Botswana Food Laboratory (BFL). BFL then evolved into the Food Technology Research Services (FTRS) in 1987, funded by the then Ministry of Commerce and Industry (MCI), but managed by Botswana Technology Centre (BOTEC). Following a comprehensive evaluation of FTRS in 1997, FTRS gained autonomy and was transformed into an independent company limited by guarantee. The company then adopted a new name, National Food Technology Research Centre. It has twelve Board of Directors appointed by the Ministry of Communication Science and Technology.

1984: Botswana Food Laboratory (BFL)
1987: Food Technology Research Services (FTRS)
1997: National Food Technology Research Centre