Food Quality & Safety Testing

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Food Quality & Safety Testing Services

Commercial food manufacturing
• Food product and manufacturing process design
• Value addition of products, particularly locally produced raw materials
• Recipe and process improvement using internationally accepted food additives, colourings, flavourings and texture modifiers
• Establishment of good manufacturing practices and good hygiene practices in existing factories
• Advice on packaging and labelling of food products
• Physico-chemical characterisation of food products for manufacturing process control
• Food manufacturing plant design and layout
• Identifying and validating suitable equipment suppliers
• Transfer of in-house developed technologies
• Provision of test-bedding facilities

Food quality and safety assurance
• Chemical analysis of input food raw materials for quality and process control during product processing
• Chemical analysis of final product for quality assurance and nutritional labelling
• Detection and identification of food borne pathogens and spoilage microbial organisms for quality and safety assessments
• Determination of Shelf-life of food products
• Meat Species and pathogens identification, and detection and identification of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) using Molecular (DNA) based methods
• Food safety related projects
• Product safety and quality testing as a component of food product and process development
• Fermentation and bio-transformations using micro-organisms
• Awareness building and public education in Biotechnology and Biosafety

Food product testing
The food product testing service is offered to assist local manufacturers ascertain the quality and safety of their food products and meet food labelling requirements as prescribed by Botswana laws (Chapter 65:05; Food Control: Subsidiary legislation – Labelling of Pre-packaged Foods Regulations). The analysis provided gives the customer confidence that products supplied are safe for consumption and falls within the standards stipulated by the law. Thus, the industry is assisted to supply competitive and reputable products to the market.