NFTRC Staff Shows Compassion

  • NFTRC Staff Shows Compassion

    NFTRC Staff Shows Compassion

    “An injury to one is an injury to all”, is the old adage that got all at National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) marching in line to assist one of their own, after her family was befell by a disaster in December 2015.

    The staff gave both in cash and kind to the Loeto family, whose house was razzed by fire in December.

    During a brief handover ceremony at the Loeto homestead on Tuesday NFTRC’s Research Scientist Ms Tiyapo Mongwaketse said they heard about the disaster from a colleague Ms Viola Loeto. Tiyapo said the family should not lose faith and trust in God, as everything shall be well.

    When receiving the gifts (food hampers, clothes and cash amounting to P3 987.50), Ms Podulogo Loeto applauded NFTRC staff for their compassionate spirit.

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