Board of Directors

The day to day running of the organization is lead by the Chief Executive Officer, together with the executive management. The executive management comprise of Managing Director, Director of Research and Development and Director of Corporate Services.

Dr Kgosietsile Phillemon-Motsu

Chairperson of the Board

He graduated from the Technical University of Nova Scotia, Canada with a Bachelor of Engineering in Mining. He holds a Masters Degree in Food Sciences from City University.


Dr Martin Kebakile

Acting Managing Director


Adv L. Tlhowe



Ms B. Makoba



Ms L. Motoma



Ms L. M. Likokoto



The board has the following Committees: Human Resources and Research & Development Committee and Tender, Finance & Audit Committee.

Chairperson of the Committee


Human Resources and Research & Development Committee - Ms L Motoma

Chairperson of the Committee


Tender, Finance and Audit Committee - Ms LM Likokoto


Operational Processes

In its quest to attain international recognition in food science and technology and to attained customer confidence in delivering its products and services, NFTRC is reroute to attain certification for BOS ISO 9001:2008.  The institution has instituted QMS operational procedures that are in effect and their use audited internally at intervals for compliance.  The Center will be externally audited for certification in the very near future.  In addition to ISO 9001:2008, the Centre has started compiling procedures and training staff for implementation of ISO17025 across its laboratories.

Human Resource Capacity and Strengths

With 67 employees consisting of 39 technical professionals who are specifically trained in various food related disciplines, NFTRC presents itself as a rich knowledge resource in the country on matters of food processing and testing.  Presently, the Centre boasts of the following strengths regarding its professionals and services;

  • 9 PhD, 14 MSc in place, 13 BSc and 3 Diploma holders in Food Science and Technology, Food Chemistry, Food Microbiology, Biotechnology, Nutrition and Dietetics, Extension Services and Laboratory Technology
  • Professionals with extensive international exposure
  • All have fair understanding of the local food industry
  • Good network with international collaborators
  • Sound recognition and support from Government, International entities and the public
  • Adequately resourced research, product development and testing facilities
  • Staff who are highly committed to serve NFTRC and the nation