NFTRC supports the Elderly Wellness Day

  • NFTRC supports the Elderly Wellness Day

    NFTRC supports the Elderly Wellness Day

    To ease the execution the second pillar of Vision 2036: Human and Social Development, which speaks to Health, Wellness, Social Inclusion and Equality, National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) found it fit to join hands with the Leading Age Foundation, in making Moshupa Elderly Wellness Day a success on the 8th March 2019.

    As a way of giving back to society NFTRC offered a donation by buying a stall to the tune of P7, 000.00, and gave a talk on ‘healthy ways of eating.’

    When addressing Moshupa elders, NFTRC Nutrition and Dietetics Acting Head of Department Dr Lemogang Kwape said as we grow older the body generally gets weaker, the bones become fragile, blood pressure is impaired, eye sight decreases; and as a result the elderly are given medication stabilise their systems. He said as much as children are fed to grow, in the same way the elderly need food to have strength. He continued to say that research reveals that most of the diseases and illnesses affecting people are related to what they eat.

    Dr Kwape also advised that some foods such as sugars, fats and additives are as addictive as alcohol and smoking. He highlighted that Batswana eating habits have changed considerably over the years. They now eat more processed foods high in salt, sugar and fat compared to the old diet that was unprocessed and high in fibre and other essential nutrients.

    He concluded by encouraging the elderly to drink water regularly, and eat more of fruits on daily basis, as they are essential for their health and eating less sugary foods and fats, as well as doing light exercises such as washing for their grandchildren, watering plants, and cleaning the compound. He finished his talk by making a quote from Charles Darwin “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives; It is the one that is most adaptable to change”.

    This wellness day which targeted the elderly population of Moshupa was held at the Main Kgotla and was graced by the Vice President His Honour Mr Slumber Tsogwane. Accompanying the vice president was a team of Medical Doctors from Cuba. Present also at the occasion was the Moshupa Seventh Day Adventist Church representatives (SDA), the Moshupa Sub-District Health Management Team (DHMT), Member of Parliament for Moshupa/ Manyana Hon Karabo S. Gare, Kgosi Oscar Mosielele of Moshupa.

    When giving the keynote address, the Vice President Mr Slumber Tsogwane said wellness events are popularly known to be targeted to the youth as well as other able bodied members of the community. It is unusual to see an event like this focusing on the elderly persons. He applauded the organisers and pointed out that health impacts on the economic growth of the country therefore everyone should not be left behind as the nation moves towards vision 2036.

    Mr Tsogwane said the National Development Plan 11 caters for everyone, including the elderly. “The event thus reminds us of the need to be continually mindful of the principle of inclusiveness in our day to day programmes and ventures, so that we do not leave anyone behind”, he added.

    For his part Kgosi Mosielele thanked the elderly persons who made it to the gathering to be tested for various health conditions. He said good health is important to every person therefore he applauded entities which answered the call to provide service to the elders.

    Speaking during the gathering Kgosi Moroka who is also a founder of Leading Age Foundation said the primary mandate of Leading Age foundation is to focus on the health care of the elderly, adding that the aged are left behind in many developments which take place, due to dynamic technology growth.


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