NFTRC Participates on Strategic Plan Cascading Coaching Exercise

  • NFTRC Participates on Strategic Plan Cascading Coaching Exercise

    NFTRC Participates on Strategic Plan Cascading Coaching Exercise

    NFTRC Participates on Strategic Plan Cascading Coaching Exercise

    National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) management and senior officers  locked  heads  again  with  InnoLead  Consulting  experts  to  work  on cascading NFTRC’s five-year strategic plan and performance contracting on the 10th August  2018. This coaching follows the just approved NFTRC Strategy 2018-2022.

    NFTRC Acting Managing Director, Dr Martin Kebakile welcomed the attendees to  the  workshop  and  said  the  time  has  come  to  cascade  the  strategy  to  all  the relevant NFTRC stakeholders both internally and externally therefore they must fully participate in the exercise as it will enable them to embark on the strategy journey.

    Dr Kebakile concluded by appreciating NFTRC and InnoLead relationship stating that it has been incomparable since 2011. InnoLead Consulting is a 100% citizen owned company with a solid background on strategic advisory.

    InnoLead Consulting Strategy Facilitator, Ms Tshwanelo Nkwe  shared  the  expected  outcomes  of  the  exercise which  were;  to  provide  clear  guidance  on  the development  of  functional  scorecards  with  clear objectives, measures and targets, and to understand how they  will  then  be  used  to  formulate  performance contracts.

    These  contracts  describe  how  management  and  their respective  teams  contribute  to  the  overall  strategy  as well as how their performance will be measured. InnoLead  Senior  Consulting  Strategy  Facilitator,  Mr Tapiwa Mugore said the objective of the coaching is to simply  breakdown  the  strategy  into  something  more tangible for the departments.

    When touching on  performance contracting Mr Mugore emphasized  that  one  needs  a  job  profile,  managers annual  performance  agreement  and  the  departmental scorecards to develop a performance contract.

    He  shared  that  research  has  shown  that  for  effective performance  monitoring  the  supervisors  must  spend  at least  half  an  hour  in  a  month  talking  to  the  supervisor about their general work performance.

    He concluded that strategy implementation will be only possible if each and every employee makes the strategy his or her daily job.

    The  coaching  exercise  covered  various  topics  such  as Introducing  the  Balanced  Scorecards,  Cascading  the Balanced  Scorecards  and  Aligning  the  Balanced Scorecards with Performance Contracts.

    The  appointed  NFTRC  Project  (Strategy)  Analyst responsible  for  coordinating strategy  activities, resources,  equipment  and  information  Mr  Tatlhego Kooneeng  thanked  the  participants  for  availing themselves to execute the invaluable exercise.

    He encouraged Heads of Departments to go and fill in their departmental balanced scorecards and develop their performance contracts. These will give way to the development of supervise performance contracts, strategy cascading and implementation.

    Mr Kooneeng wrapping up the workshop way forward.

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