NFTRC at Police Wellness Day

  • NFTRC at Police Wellness Day

    NFTRC at Police Wellness Day

    National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) participated at the Botswana Police Wellness Day, which was held at Botswana Police College in Otse on the 09 of March 2018.

    When giving the objective of the day, which was held under the theme, “The right to health, hands up for # HIV prevention, Non-communicable disease and heart disease”, Ms. M.T. Dirakano from Botswana Police finance department explained that it was important to test and enlighten participants on communicable and non-communicable diseases by different health facilities, and also to sensitise staff and trainees about such diseases.

    In his key note address, Mr. D.B. Rapula, who is the Deputy Director of Training, said it was a special day for them to spend quality time on issues relating to their health. He also added that for them to be healthy, they need to have a peace of mind.

    Mr Rapula also said people should make training a habit, at least 30 minutes each day. “In the environment of wellness, we have several components which include Spiritual, Environmental, Intellectual, Financial, and Physical wellness; above all, health cannot be complete without mental wellness, he added.

    The Chief Medical Doctor from Police College Dr Z.S. Moyo, giving a presentation on Non-communicable and Communicable Diseases, said there are several things which can lead to such diseases, including the use of tobacco, excessive intake of alcohol and one’s diet. He said tobacco is not good for the body at all, and he does not encourage anyone to smoke because it causes much damage in the body. In the case of alcohol, he said there should not be excessive drinking because anything that is taken above limit can be poisonous. Only a can or two should be enough for one day, he added.

    Dr. Moyo also encouraged people to always consider how they eat as it can also contribute to those diseases. He added that people should cut down salt, sugar and fats, and eat more of fruits and vegetables.

    Another bad habit that the doctor talked about was that most people tend to skip meals with the idea of losing weight, which is wrong, because skipping a meal will lead to more eating at the next meal. He also mentioned that processed fats like cheese were not good for the body, and chicken skin should be removed before eating.

    When giving a vote of thanks, the Youth Focal Person from the police college Mr. S.A Jore said hopefully everyone listened very carefully and attentively because this should be a concern for all of us. He also said nowadays a third of the deaths are caused by non-communicable diseases, therefore people should exercise, and reduce smoking and excessive intake of alcohol.



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