NFTRC Launches SHE

  • NFTRC Launches SHE

    NFTRC Launches SHE

    National Food Technology Research Center, (NFTRC) launched Safety, Health and Environment, (SHE) on the 23rd of January. The purpose of the launch was to educate about the practical aspects of environmental protection and safety at work.

    NFTRC Quality Assurance Coordinator, Mr Tatlhego Kooneng when welcoming the visitors mentioned that in April NFTRC will be audited for ISO 9001:2015 and SHE is part of the audit requirements.

    NFTRC SHE Coordinator Mr Juda Bogopa said SHE issues remain prominent to the operations of NFTRC.  He mentioned that NFTRC continues to treat all employees as its greatest assets and the SHE Committee plays a major role in this aspect by maintaining and uplifting the values of NFTRC through a healthy workforce by promoting and taking part in wellness activities. He added that the committee is also concerned with environmental issues that promote its objectives by living up to the motto Safety First.At NFTRC, once you enter our premises, your safety remains our responsibility,” he said.

    When concluding, Mr Bogopa said everyone must know their SHE representatives within their departments.  Mr Bogopa said the committee will introduce permit to do work forms which will help in adhering to Quality Management Systems. He also mentioned that new employees should be inducted on SHE  to be able to read the signs situated across NFTRC. “Everyone should know how to make an emergency call 997 or 112 or 999 and know the importance of  stating their name, number, location, nature of emergency & number of victims”, said Mr Bogopa.

    Brian Kgwefane from Potlako Emergency Trainers who are consultants for SHE courses  thanked NFTRC for inviting them and encouraged employees not to ignore SHE signs because if not observed accidents will be prone to occur. A representative from Fire Brigade  Mr Tumelo Mmakgotso said their purpose is to protect all living things. He said that they are trained for first aid, which enables them to help their patients before arrival of the doctors. He urged the staff, especially SHE committee to check the first aid box regularly and keep records of what is inside. He advised that NFTRC should have a fire marshal and a registration book for all staff members for easy checking in case of fire.

    He concluded by advising employees working at the laboratories to dress appropriately to avoid accidents. He urged people to always call the Fire Brigade immediately when accidents happen and not to wait for the situation to get worse because if they are informed well in time they only take seven minutes to arrive at the scene which means they will be able to save lives and property.

     The NFTRC SHE committee demonstrated different first aid scenarios to sensitise staff members on what to do in during accidents. There were demonstrations on how to put out fire, how to treat fractures and how to administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

    When giving vote of thanks NFTRC Senior Research Scientist Ms Tumelo Tlhong thanked all the stakeholders who managed to be part of the launch and the SHE committee for the informative demonstrations saying that it shows they are learning something during the trainings attended. She urged all NFTRC staff to take SHE seriously because once they ignore it, they might live to regret the consequences.


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