NFTRC duo attend World Food India 2017

  • NFTRC duo attend World Food India 2017

    NFTRC duo attend World Food India 2017

    National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC)’s Acting Managing Director, Dr Kebakile and Senior Research Scientist, Mr Marire recently attended World Food India 2017 (WFI), a food technology conference and exhibition in New Delhi, India.

    WFI is an annual event that links manufacturers, producers, food processors, investors, policymakers, and organizations from across the global food ecosystem.

    When asked about the importance of attending the exhibition Mr Marire said it is an opportunity to connect, and/ or identify potential food technologies and material vendors so we are able to advise our clients in various matters regarding food processing and development technologies including food processing equipment.

    He added that the conferences that ran alongside provided an overview and insight of current food market trends, opportunities, challenges, value chain, and technological developments related to nutrition, packaging, distribution, manufacturing, preservation, infrastructure, equipment, niche products, food safety and legal environment.

    The duo had an opportunity to sample various companies technologies and/ or products such as horticulture, Indigenous produce, Cereals, Groceries, beverages, meat, dairy, spices, bakery and confectionary, universities, government departments and agencies.

    When asked about what Botswana could learn from India regarding food processing, Dr Kebakile said the first thing that struck him is that India has a Ministry of Food Processing Industries, giving appropriate focus to value addition.

    He said after going through several stalls of the different Indian states he noticed that each state has a policy on food processing.

    He said that the Indian government also takes the lead in the development of appropriate world-class food processing and handling facilities, it develops food parks, with different states establishing food processing facilities that are relevant for types of produce that are popular in the particular state.

    Dr Kebakile concluded that he is particularly pleased that the Indians are willing to work with NFTRC to achieve its dreams; therefore further partnerships will be fostered on some initiatives.

    The pair said they left Botswana particularly keen on finding out the Indian government’s approach towards development of the agricultural sector, in particular food processing.

    The exhibition was organised by the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India in partnership with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII).

    Did you know that?

    • India is now the second largest producer of food after USA, therefore India has the potential to become a global food factory.
    • There is significant investment in the food sector from the State in addition to local and foreign direct investment, moreover India recognises the importance of food and has, since over 15 years ago, established a Ministry of Food Processing Industries.
    • The State finances, constructs and avails small and big food parks that are equipped with cold-rooms, warehouses, silos, telecommunications, utilities (steam compressed air, water, effluent treatment and drainage to entrepreneurs).
    • All Indian states have an objective to at least double farmers returns by 2022.



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