NFTRC At President’s Charity Cycling Challenge

  • NFTRC At President’s Charity Cycling Challenge

    NFTRC At President’s Charity Cycling Challenge

    National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC)’s representatives were among thousands of people who thronged Airport Junction Mall in Gaborone on Sunday in an effort to raise funds for the Presidential Charitable Trust, and to promote Botswana Cycling challenge.

    The  centre’s  representatives  were  Mr  Juda  Bogopa,  Dr  Minah  Mosele and  Ms  Thatayaone  M.  Kepaletswe  who  went  all  out  in  the  name  of charity.

    NFTRC  representatives  participated  under the  corporate  category  as  part  of  the Ministry  of  Agricultural  Development  and Food Security (MoA) team, which was fondly called “Team ISPAAD”  –  the Weekly Bulletin is  proud  to  report  that  the   team  scooped position one under their category!!!

    President Khama and Vice President Masisi with winners form different categories

    In  addition,  NFTRC  sponsored  the  event  by donating  P5  000.00,  15  arm  warmers,  leg warmers and gel gloves for the team.

    The overall winner of the race was Mr Abeng Malete, a Motswana who is currently with the Pretoria-based Sampada Cycling Club; he competed under the Under 23 category.

    Meanwhile,  Botswana  Cycling  Association  (BCA) President,  Mr  Mmetla  Masire  said  the challenge  was attended  by  top  cyclists  from  the  region,  and emphasised  that  the  Presidential  Charity  Cycling Challenge was a success from both a cycling-, as well as fund-raising point of view.

    Masire  said  they  had  achieved  the  objectives  of  the event,  and  they  hoped  that  next  year  the  event  would attract even more cyclists from the region, making it a huge success.

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