NFTRC Grabs Position One at Business Botswana Fair

  • NFTRC Grabs Position One at Business Botswana Fair

    NFTRC Grabs Position One at Business Botswana Fair

    National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) in promoting food entrepreneurship in Botswana are finally being recognised.

    Evidence abounds as just recently NFTRC the organisation was honoured with a Position One award under the Agriculture category at the Business Botswana Northern Trade Fair in Francistown.

    The award is pay back for the NFTRC team’s dedication and efforts in putting together the stall, the interaction with the visitors and answering the judges’ questions on why they came to the fair, emphasising their input in optimising businesses in food manufacturing.

    The event which was officially opened by Mr Anthony Masunga, Managing Director of Botswana Telecommunications (BTC) which was the main sponsor, was held under the theme “Business Agility in Botswana: Optimising Business in 50 years and beyond”.

    NFTRC took to the public its newly developed indigenous food prototypes including motlopi coffee, tswii in beef broth, canned lehata, bokhwilo/Dobi ya nama, blanched delele and mmilo in syrup.

    The NFTRC team encouraged potential entrepreneurs to take up its technologies to venture into the food manufacturing industry as a way of employment creation, economic diversification and to make Botswana more self-sufficient in food by reducing the import bill.

    Generally, the NFTRC stall visitors lamented that the organisation is only situated in Kanye, making it difficult to access its services and requested for it to set up in other parts of Batswana. 

    Mr Anthony Masunga, Botswana Telecommunications Managing Director

    Meanwhile, when addressing organisations that were present at the show Mr Masunga said the theme was about change, resilience and the future, therefore it calls upon people not to bask in the glory of the past successes but to reinvent themselves if they are to enjoy a diversified sustainable economic growth and stay relevant for the next fifty years.

    He urged businesses to never give up because they are faced with challenging economic climate as they are continually asked to deliver goods and services faster and at a lower price, adding that any challenge must serve to strengthen their resolve to do more and be successful.

    Mr Masunga further encouraged businesses to do their homework by researching, using the technology, innovating, partnering, being flexible, being creative and working smart to keep going.

    He said the theme for this year is a clarion call for all to focus, introspect  and strategise if the nation is to realise another fifty years of positive socio-economic growth and transformation towards a vibrant , diverse and resilient economy.

    Mr Masunga concluded by urging businesses to seek opportunity for growth and nurture relationships as well as to keep in mind how they can collectively contribute to the growth of Botswana’s economy in the next fifty years.


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