Two beneficiaries soldier on

  • Two beneficiaries soldier on

    Two beneficiaries soldier on


    National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC)‘s garden  project is still continuing even after two of the beneficiaries opted out.

    Ms Gaolatlhe Paki and Sephakedi Pudinngwe chose to stay behind while their colleagues left the project.

    Weekly Bulletin caught up with them to ask about their progress and what made them remain when others left.

    Ms Paki, who has planted tomatoes and spinach, said though the tomatoes are still not fully grown she is hoping to get a good income from them.

    She said she saw it fit to remain behind when her colleagues left because the garden has helped her to survive in the past and she is now able to pay her children’s school fees.

    She said she needs to work around the clock to ensure that the tomato trees are well secured with stakes before they start flowering to avoid diseases, to make it easier to harvest, to keep the fruits clean and to make it easier to spray and monitor problems.

    Meanwhile, Ms Pudinngwe said she planted tomatoes, onions and spinach which are doing well as the tomatoes and onions are already bearing fruits.

      Ms Gaolatlhe Paki working on the garden.

    She said she had never thought about leaving the project because it is the only thing that puts food on the table at her home. 

    She further said she is now able to go for her medical check-ups without asking for money from neighbours, emphasising that she is grateful to NFTRC for giving her the opportunity to live better.

    Ms  Sephakedi Pudinngwe chose to stay behind.

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