NFTRC Hosts Her Excellency British High Commmissioner

  • NFTRC Hosts Her Excellency British High Commmissioner

    NFTRC Hosts Her Excellency British High Commmissioner

    On Tuesday 16th August 2016 National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) had the opportunity to host the British High Commissioner; Her Excellency Ms Katherine Ransome.

    Ms Katherine Ransome was welcomed by the Minister of Agriculture; Mr Patrick Ralotsia, NFTRC’s Acting Managing Director, some of NFTRC’s Management Team and the Public Relations Team.

    Her Excellency Ransome who was accompanied by her Personal Assistant and Second Secretary Political Ms Kate Blacker visited NFTRC to appreciate the business of the organisation as well as to identify potential areas of collaboration.


    Her key interests included contribution of the organisation in the field of Antimicrobial Resistance (AMR), the role of the organisation in addressing food security amidst the current global climate change, and topics in nutrition and dietetics including sugar consumption.

    She said AMR is a serious global concern that every country has to address and she needed to find out if there are opportunities for working with NFTRC in the area.

    With regard to sugar consumption, Her Excellency Ransome indicated that sugar consumption has also become a global concern because it is one of the key contributors to most lifestyle diseases.

    She said she believes ways in which crops are grown has to be changed to help address the issue of climate change.

    Her Excellency Ransome, who is also the United Kingdom representative to the Southern African Development Community, had the opportunity to tour NFTRC laboratories and was impressed.


    She was further ‘stunned’ by the blow moulding machine at the Food Technology Department and the BOD POD machine at the Nutrition and Dietetics Department.

    Ms Blacker said UK scholarships are open for the next round and urged NFTRC staff to apply, revealing that they had never sponsored scientists before.

    She further said that there is diversity in the number of scholarships on offer, which is good for networking.

    Her Excellency Ransome thanked NFTRC for the education and generosity they received emphasising that they had learnt a lot.

    NFTRC’s Acting Managing Director thanked the envoy for the visit and said he is hoping for them to come back sometime.


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