Good Hope Sub District Council Empowers its Community

  • Good Hope Sub District Council Empowers its Community

    Good Hope Sub District Council Empowers its Community

    National Food Technology Research Centre (NFTRC) together with other stakeholders on 29th June 2016 took their services to the people of Good Hope and surrounding areas.

    The centre took part in the Good Hope sub district’s department of Social Welfare and Community Development annual mini-show aimed at marketing and promoting economic empowerment and poverty eradication.

    The event was held at Good Hope bus rank under the theme: “Empowering the Good Hope Sub District Community in the World of Sustainable Business towards BOT 50”

    The objectives of the event were for the district’s Poverty Eradication beneficiaries to market their products, to network and learn new ideas, to know about other stakeholder’s services which can benefit their small businesses and to benchmark and improve quality of their products.

    When giving the keynote, address Kgosi Daniel Mathiba of Mmathethe said it is important to strive for increasing profits for the business to flourish.

    Kgosi Mathiba said time keeping and records keeping are very important aspects, which lead to success in a business.

    He encouraged the beneficiaries to always audit themselves to see how much they spend and on what because that will enable them to make informed decisions in future.

    He advised the beneficiaries that shyness in business limits a person to achieve their set goals, as business requires an talkative or interactive person who can be able to market her/his products well. Kgosi Mathiba urged them to make use of the services of the stakeholders who were present.

    After a myriad of activities and entertainment, NFTRC received customers who showed keen interest in its products and services more especially its sorghum flour product whose taste they were curious about.

    Customers who visited the stall also wanted to know more about the BOD POD machine and they said they would definitely make an appointment to access the machine.


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